…And Now the GOOD NEWS! || Episode 59 || ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Funds New Drug, Bride and Groom Donate and Serve Wedding Meal to Shelter, World;’s First Happiness Museum Opens in Denmark, Vending Machine in NYC Refill Cleaning Products, Finnish Town Giving Eco-conscious Residents Free Cake, California Highway First Recycled Road in State, Man Creates Affordable 3D Prosthetics, Man Buys Truck Load of Flowers for Senior Citizen center, Man Cover 75 Year Old Woman’s $13 Grocery Bill and is Rewarded with $1000, New Research Drug Points to Possible Breakthrough for Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Spinal Cord Patients.

Written by on September 5, 2020

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Ice Bucket Challenge Funds Promising New Treatment For ALS

Bride and Groom Didn’t Just Donate Wedding Food To Homeless, They Dished it Up On Their Big Day
The World’s First Happiness Museum Opened In Copenhagen, And It’s Bound To Put A Smile On Your Face

This Vending Machine Refills Cleaning Products—Reining in Plastic And Saving You Money

Eco-Friendly Behavior In This Finnish Town Gets You Free Cake

This California Highway Has Just Become the First State Road Made From Recycled Plastic in the US

This Man Learned Robotics on YouTube, Now He’s Creating Affordable 3D Prosthetics For Others

Man Buys Entire Flower Truck For Senior Center Residents To Make Their Own Bouquets

Man Is Rewarded With $1,000 After His $13 Act Of Kindness

Breakthrough For Spinal Cord Injuries and Dementia as Protein Builds ‘Striking’ Repairs


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