…And Now the GOOD NEWS! || Episode 57 || Batman Delivers Meals to Homeless in Santiago Chile, Tine Elephant Shrew Rediscovered After 50 Years, Scientists Develop Biodegradable Flip Flops, Studies Show People Have Lasting Immunity for Covid-19, American’s Giving More Generously During Pandemic, Grateful Diners Tip Server with a Nissan Ultima, American;s with Cats Say Feline Friends Helped Them Navigate Pandemic Experience, Pet Robots Make Life Better for Elderly, Police Officer Saves Disabled Man Seconds Before Being Struck by Speeding Train.

Written by on August 22, 2020

Robert shares a collection of stories from
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Batman Is Delivering Hot Meals To Homeless People In Santiago Every Night

Tiny Elephant Shrew Rediscovered in Africa After 50 Years–And All it Took Was Coconut and Peanut Butter as Bait
These Scientists Are Fighting Ocean Plastic With Biodegradable Flip Flops Made From Algae

Here’s Some Hope: People Have Lasting Immunity To COVID-19, Even After Mild Cases

Generous Americans Are Actually Giving More To Charities Through The Pandemic, Surveys Say

Struggling Waitress Surprised With Car From Regular Customers

Most Americans With Cats Say They Couldn’t Have Gotten Through Lockdown Without Their Feline Friend

Lifelike Robotic Pets Bring Joy And Serenity To Seniors, Combating Stress And Loneliness

Police Officer Pulls Man From Wheelchair Stuck On Tracks Within Seconds Of Speeding Train

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