…And Now the GOOD NEWS! || Episode 56 || Alabama Pay What You Can Restaurant, Nurse Starts Free Pantry for Hospital Staff, Surfers Save Family Pet, German EV Covered in Solar Panels and Charges Itself, Europe’s Largest 3D Printed Home Completed in 3 Weeks, Giant Fusion Reactor Hotter than the Sun Being Built in France, Apple Vows to Be Carbon Neutral by 2030, Philadelphia Brings Internet Access to Students Pledges to Create Digital Equity, Satellites Reveal 20% More Emperor Penguins Than Previous Identified.

Written by on August 15, 2020

Robert shares a collection of stories from
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This Sweet Woman’s Family-Style Restaurant Has No Prices, and Feeds Anyone in Alabama

This Nurse is a Hometown Hero for Creating A ‘Take-What-You-Need’ Pantry For Her Virginia Hospital

Two Surfers Save a ‘Starving, Cold’ Dog From Sea Cave After It Had Been Missing For 3 Months

This New German Car is Covered With Solar Panels and Charges As It Drives

3D-Printer Completes the Largest 3D-Printed Home in Europe – With 2 Stories and 980 Square Feet – in Just 3 Weeks

A Giant Fusion Reactor Hotter than the Sun to Provide Unlimited Clean Energy Without Waste Marks Milestone

The World’s Most Valuable Company Vows to Be 100% Carbon Neutral for its Supply Chain and Product Life-cycle by 2030

Free Internet Coming For 35,000 Low-Income Philly Families in Public-Private Partnership As Classrooms Stay Closed

Satellites Reveal There Are 20% More Emperor Penguin Colonies in Antarctica Than Previously Thought

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