…And Now the GOOD NEWS! || Episode 54 || Tiger Population Making a Comeback, 2 South African Women Cleaning Canals of Plastic Waste, Hero Teacher delivers Student’s Lunch During Lock-down, Washington Man Saves 2.4 Million Pound of Produce, Nonprofit Turns Prison into Farm with Help From Jobless Veterans, and At Risk Youth, Bronx N.Y. Makes List of 50 Nicest Places to Live,, Racist Incident Calls DAD CLUB LONDON to Raise Funds to Make Immigrant Family Feel Welcome, Oxytocin: Possible Breakthrough in Alzheimer’s, Man Honor Handshake Agreement and Splits 22 Million Dollar Jackpot with Longtime Friend,

Written by on August 1, 2020

Robert shares a collection of stories from
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Great News For Tiger Populations Surging in India and Discovered in Thailand – On World Tiger Day 2020

2 South African Women Take On Mission to Tackle Plastic Along One of Worst Rivers For Ocean-Bound Pollution

Hero Teacher Spent Every Day in Lockdown Preparing Food for His Pupils and Delivered 7,500 Packed Lunches

Washington Man Rescues 2.4 Million Pounds of Farmers’ Crops Going to Waste, Gets Them to Food Banks Across State

Nonprofit Flips Abandoned Prison into Sustainable Farm With the Help of At-Risk Youth and Jobless Veterans

From Pizza to Fresh Vegetables: When You’re in The Bronx, You’re Going to Get Fed By This Generous Community

Reader’s Digest Top 50 Nicest Places in America

Racist Incident Inspires Dads Club to Launch Surprise Fundraiser to Make Immigrant Family Feel Welcome

Possible Breakthrough in Alzheimer’s Research: ‘Love Drug’ Oxytocin Found to Reverse Damage in Mice Brains

Man is Honoring Handshake From 28 Years Ago, Splitting Lottery Jackpot With a Friend After Winnings Millions

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