…And Now the GOOD NEWS! || Episode 36 ||Italians Sing Together During Self Isolation, Woman Buys Groceries for Elderly During Covid-19 Outbreak, Ohio Convention Center Donates Unused Food to Nashville First Responders, China Bans Consumption of Wild Animals, Covid-19 Could Cause Drop in Global CO2 Levels, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Donates 100 Million to Develop Covid-19 Vaccine, DRC Final Ebola Victim Cured, California Donates State Owner Building to Help Homeless Crisis, Whales Around Antarctica Making Giant Comeback.

Written by on March 16, 2020

Robert shares a collection of stories from
Good News Network https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/

Watch Quarantined Italians Join Together and Sing From Their Balconies to Lift Community Spiritshttps://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/quarantined-italians-sing-songs-from-balconies/

Woman Starts Doing Grocery Runs for Older Neighbors to Reduce Their Exposure to the Coronavirus

After Coronavirus Bars Visitors From Attending Event, Ohio Stadium Donates Food to Nashville First Responders

China bans consumption of wildlife
Coronavirus has temporarily reduced China’s CO2 emissions by a quarter

Gates Foundation Commits $100 Million to Speeding Up Coronavirus Treatments and Response

Watch Celebrations Erupt After Nation’s Last Ebola Patient is Discharged From Treatment Center

Dozens of Blue Whales Spotted in Antarctica For the First Time Since 1980s Whaling Ban

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