…And Now the GOOD NEWS! || Episode 33 || U.S. ‘Break Free from Plastic Act of 2020’, Living Concrete, Chemical Free Sweetener, Bees and Hemp, Monks Recycle Plastic to Make Robes, Text for Humanity Follow Up, Mattel Launches Gender Neutral Dolls, Utah Bans ‘Conversion Therapy’

Written by on February 17, 2020

Robert shares a collection of stories from
Good News Network https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/
EcoWatch https://www.ecowatch.com/

Groundbreaking Legislation Would Help U.S. ‘Break Free From Plastic’https://www.ecowatch.com/break-free-from-plastic-pollution-act-2645123417.htmlhttps://www.ecowatch.com/break-free-from-plastic-pollution-act-2645123417.html

Scientists Create a ‘Living Concrete’ That Uses Bacteria to Heal Itself When Damaged
Biomineralization and Successive Regeneration of Engineered Living Building Materials

Apple and Pear Cores Turned Into Chemical-Free Sweetener as an Alternative to Artificial Sweeteners and Sugarhttps://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/fruit-waste-turned-into-sweetener-as-alternative-to-sweeteners/

Bees Are Benefiting From Hemp Pollen as More Legal Cannabis is Grown Since 2018 Farm Bill

Monks in Thailand Create Iconic Orange Robes from Recycled Plastic – 40 Tons Already Collected On Their Own

Text for Humanity Follow Up

Mattel Launches Gender Inclusive Doll Line Inviting All Kids to Playhttps://news.mattel.com/news/mattel-launches-gender-inclusive-doll-line-inviting-all-kids-to-play
‘A Doll For Everyone’: Meet Mattel’s Gender-Neutral Dollhttps://time.com/5684822/mattel-gender-neutral-doll/

Utah Becomes Latest State To Ban Discredited LGBTQ ‘Conversion Therapy’

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