…And Now the GOOD NEWS! || Episode 17 || Animal Cruelty Law, Enzymes and Plastic Recycling, Keeping American Garbage in America, Planting Trees in Mexico, A Carbon Neutral Artificial LEAF Produces SYNGAS, Teen Science Groups Creates Device to Create Electricity from Sound Vibrations, Watch a Black Hole Tear Apart a Sun.

Written by on October 28, 2019

Robert shares a collection of stories from
Good News Network https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/

U.S. House Unanimously Passes Bill That Makes Extreme Animal Cruelty a Federal Felony

New Factory That Uses Enzymes to Recycle All Plastics At Once Has the Backing of Major Corporations
The Largest Trash Collectors in the U.S. Have Stopped Shipping Waste to Poor Countrieshttps://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/trash-collectors-in-usa-stopped-shipping-waste-overseas/

These Mexican Villagers Have Been Working to Plant 5 Millions Trees To Ease the Climate Crisis

Carbon-Neutral ‘Artificial Leaf’ Produces Clean Gas Which Could Help to Replace Fossil Fuels

High Schoolers Awarded for Inventing Inexpensive Device That Generates Electricity From Sound

TESS Catches its First Star-destroying Black Hole

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